"My vision has always been

to create an event that is uniquely yours."

At a young age I used to comment to my mother about how boring every event we went to was. She taught me that if I didn't care for how something was being executed, to get into a position to change it. That advice has carried me into my adulthood and created a deep passion for planning.

I have spent the last 20 years involved in this amazingly fun industry. I have coordinated and planned hundreds of events. I started my career as an intern with the Arizona beer festival and continued on to plan trade shows, sales meetings, team building activities, holiday parties, and corporate events.

I enjoy the opportunity to work with many different people and companies. My vision has always been to create an event that is uniquely yours. There is nothing more gratifying than helping my clients surpass their vision of the perfect event. Our goal is to help establish and develop your vision, while creating a meaningful and memorable event.


Alyssa Belanger

Founder & Director of Events

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